A few sites from my bookmark bar, listed here either in the hope that you'll visit and decide to give us (or them) business, or because they're just very entertaining. Click on the pages themselves to visit these sites.


This first one is The Virtual Company (Virco), based in Leeds. Commercial copywriting is my day job. I work with Carl Waite and between us we write copy, design and structure web sites (real grown-up ones), offer web usability consultancy, deliver artwork & print, manage exhibitions, produce CD-based presentations and all the rest. 


Next up is Kevin Green - we've worked with him for years and he’s an immensely flexible illustrator / photographer / visualiser / animator – as his catchily named freelancebloke site will testify.


Everyone from Dave Gorman to Stephen Fry is road-tripping these days. If you're ever inspired to take to the road and drive along endless highways, through wide open landscapes under massive blue skies, Road Trip America is the place to plan it.


The Onion, "America's finest news source", is laugh-out-loud funny and often brilliantly written. Next time some idiot tries telling you that Americans don’t 'do' irony or self-deprecating humour, just send them here.


Football 365 is a magazine site of news, gossip, rumour and opinion. I occasionally contribute to its ever-amusing Mediawatch page. Limited appeal if you’re not into football I guess but for many of us it’s essential daily reading.

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